Being Happy

April 15 2013

If being unhappy is not being able to do what you want, you may think happiness is being able to do what you want. It's not. Happiness is helping other people do what they want.

This is the principal tha├čt this site is based off of. Photos taken only for yourself are of no interest to anyone else. Serving yourself only lasts so long before you realize you're a lonely person.

Therefore, we should always be thinking about how our work can be important to others; our photos should teach something, make you smile, or remind you of a truth about life. My ego shouldn't show up in my pictures. The moment my work stops being helpful to other people is also the moment it stops being enjoyable for me.

I stumbled on this principal unknowingly when I realized that photos I took of other people were always better received than photos I took of myself.

This happens because when I take a good photo of someone, it is a service to them. It shows the world they are a happy, beautiful person. It reminds them they have a lot going for them. A good photo makes you feel good about yourself. There is value in that.

When I take a good photo of myself, no one cares. Who did I help? No one. Who is interested in the photo of me? Nobody.

But when I notice and bring attention to the beautiful attributes of another person- that is special. That person didn't have to self-promote, they got some honest, positive feedback from me, which other people in their life can see and agree with.

I feel like we often appreciate one another silently. There is a floodgate of affection stored up that we can't find a way to express without it being awkward.

A single good photo can be the catalyst that people need. It can be that excuse you need to walk up to that girl and tell her you think she's pretty. Or tell your engaged friends that every time you see them together you feel like your entire body is smiling.

What we do for others will always make us feel better in the long run than doing things for ourselves.

Knowing this principal I feel like I have a road map for a really fun project: I want to create a blog that shares uplifting life advice with people and teaches them how to take photos that improves the lives of the people around them.

I see this as a way I can make the world a better place.

Happiness is helping other people do what they want.

Game on."

- Nathan