Hi! My name's Nathan and I am a Professional Photographer.

Here are some fun facts about me:

- I believe that as a wedding photographer, my first and foremost job is to strengthen the relationship of the couple. My favorite way to do that is to capture their love and show the world, but if there are other ways to strengthen the relationship, I believe that's whats really important.

- I am a professional photographer living in Orange, CA. I am originally from Corvallis, Oregon.

- I got into photography by taking a photo every day for three years in a row.

- I once made origami flowers for every girl in an entire sorority.

- I will do a backflip at your wedding reception if you ask.

- All I want is to be around happy people.

- I can ride a 5ft. unicycle.

- I have always wanted to try living out of my van.

My good friend Kevin Cox created this site. I am forever thankful for his kindness and expertise. Check out more of his work.